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The concept of Low and No Drinks was formed in late 2019 when we were looking for lower alcohol and lower calorie drinks because we wanted to cut back.

When we looked in the usual places we found the usual drinks and many of our friends did too, some were looking for gluten free, some low carb, others vegan. When we investigated more widely, we saw a rapidly growing demand from well educated consumers who make conscious choices about what they drink, whether that’s because they are cutting out or cutting back on alcohol, following gluten free, vegan, low calorie or low carb diets.  To us, the “low and no” movement is beyond just alcohol and we want to bring the areas together.

The UK has a deep and rich history in brewing and distilling which we want to celebrate and support. We want our customers to find some amazing hidden gems from the UK, drinks which perhaps haven’t reached a wide audience before, but also familiar favourites, sometimes from further afield, which they know and enjoy.

We will always listen to our customers and if there’s a drink which they believe we should stock, perhaps something from their local, we want them to get in touch and let us know.

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