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12 Low Alcohol Beers Subscription

£34.00 / month

Low & No Alcohol

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SUBSCRIPTIONS HIGHLY LIMITED: Our Low Alcohol Beer Subscription is a bespoke service for low alcohol and alcohol free beers. We limit the number of subscriptions to ensure every month we can individually curate each box. This isn’t a “same box goes to all” service, no two boxes will be the same, it’s a box just for you. If you are unable to add this service to your basket, it’s likely we are at capacity. Please contact us at or call us for more details.

tick You decide roughly what’s in the box. We’ll include a selection of alcohol free ales, lagers, bitters, stouts etc.. But if you don’t like something, tell us, it’ll never appear.

tick All beers will be 1.2% ABV or lower, if you would like only 0.5% ABV and below, or if you’d like to add a few from our less than 3% range, please let us know.

tick If there’s something you particularly enjoy, let us know and we’ll include similar beers, or that specific beer, in your boxes.

tick Leave your preferences in the Order Notes section at checkout or email us at

tick We select beers from all those in our store and some extras kept just for our subscribers! The image above is just an example of some of those we select from.

tick Email us to update your preferences for alcohol free beers or give us feedback to take into account for your future boxes

tick This is a monthly subscription for 12 low alcohol beers, your box of delicious beers will be sent on the first weekday following your subscription payment each month.

tick Total flexibility, we know that circumstances change. With this Low Alcohol Beer Subscription you can skip a month, pause, cancel whenever you want. Update your preferences, upgrade to a bigger box or swap to a different subscription, just let us know.

Price excludes delivery which it typically £5.99, but some postcodes differ, delivery is calculated during the checkout.


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