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The Wild Beer Co. Big Bibbler Gluten Free
5.9% ABV


Vegan Low & No Gluten
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Big Bibbler gluten free IPA is inspired by Bibble, their classic pale ale. They’ve dialled up the Mosaic hops to add the delicious passion fruit character and packed in more malts for a richer, darker body.

Big Bibbler gluten free is a big and juicy beer, amber to red in colour with a light haze. Simcoe, Columbus and Mosaic hops generate the aroma of passion fruit, pine and citrus. It uses a solid malt base of Vienna, Crystal, and Cara malts to create a satisfying big body and mouthfeel. Bready malts and citrus fruits are at the forefront of the flavour with a lingering and balanced bitterness to finish.

The Wild Beer Co have also added in Spectrum, a revolutionary and cutting edge liquid hop that has helped them truly maximise the number of aromas and flavours present in this rich and juicy IPA.

Gluten Free is shown on the can with a level of less than 20ppm.
A vegan logo is also shown on the can.

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5.9% ABV”

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