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First Chop MCR Gluten Free Manchester Bitter 4.4% ABV


Vegan Low & No Gluten
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First Chop MCR is a Gluten Free Modern Manchester bitter.
This classic English style ale has had a revamp with some modern brewing techniques. First Chop have introduced amarillo hops to a rich malty body and the results speak for themselves. Lovely and refreshing with a touch of something new.

First Chop MCR is an unfiltered craft beer, vegan and with a gluten level of less than 10ppm. All shown on the label.

Ingredients: Water, Malted Barley, Wheat, Hops, Yeast

First Chop is a Coeliac owned and run brewery and they take Gluten Free Beer very seriously.

Here’s a little of what they have to say:
‘…we believe we go further than any other brewery with our Gluten Free auditing and testing regime. Even going beyond what is required by the AOECS to obtain a license to use the Cross Grain symbol.

We also take Beer very seriously in general and see no reason why Great Beer should not also be Gluten Free Beer. In fact we believe the two go hand in hand. We make Great Gluten Free Beer!

It is important to point out that our beer is made from ingredients that DO contain gluten. We believe this produces the best tasting beer. We then use a combination of the traditional brewing process and an added enzyme to remove gluten from our beer. We employ a meticulous auditing and testing procedure to ensure our product can be tested to show less than 5ppm gluten.’

If you’d like to know more, please visit the First Chop website.

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