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Never compromise on taste

Allendale Brew Co Hop On Gluten Free IPA
4.7% ABV


Low & No Gluten
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Allendale’s Hop On Gluten Free IPA makes no compromises on flavour. The fresh pine aroma gives way to bold tropical fruit flavours with a lingering bitter finish.

This award winning beer is light gold in colour, has an IBU of 61, uses Simcoe and Galaxy hops along with Pale Ale and Cara malts.

Allendale confirm that this IPA has been certified Gluten Free to a level of <10ppm. Gluten Free is clearly shown on the label and the ppm level is stated on their website.

'Great Taste Judgement: This poured beautifully – a very enticing glass. A fruit, citrus nose with hints of pineapple – an exotic fruit nose promising much, which happily follows and expands through to the taste. The hops appear as soon as it hits your palate. It has a lovely mouthfeel, reasonably full in the body for a pale ale. The judges found it punchy and well-balanced. The fact that it is gluten-free is a bonus.'

Shipped in the UK to those who are 18 years or older.

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4.7% ABV”

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