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Ridgeside Light & Sound <0.5% ABV


Vegan Low & No Alcohol
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Ridgeside Light & Sound is a hoppy alcohol free IPA.
The brewery says: ‘Light and Sound travel in waves all around, but Objects in Space make no sound. Even Supernovas go silent before they’re ever heard and the light we see is but a memory.

With this IPA we wanted to deliver something light, hazy and full of flavour, an AF beer to sing and shout about. We took what we have learned from the last year of brewing low/no beers and combined with a slower fermentation technique to deliver maximum flavour whilst retaining as much body as we could into such a little beer. Responsible drinking is here to stay!’
This IPA is live and unfiltered, store cool and pour carefully…

Suitable for Vegans is clearly shown on the label

Shipped in the UK only to those who are 18 years or older.

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ABV Range

No (0% – 0.5%)










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