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Ridgeway Foreign Export Stout 7.5% ABV


Vegan Low & No Gluten
  • ABV:

  • ML:

  • Gluten Level:

    5ppm or less

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Ridgeway Foreign Export Stout matures in a similar way to vintage port. Roasted malts and leaf hops initially provide an aroma of breakfast coffee and fresh spices that gradually fades to reveal liquorice, caramel and raisin notes that are products of the ageing process. Underlying all this is a backbone of bitter English hop with toasted notes.

Ridgeway Gluten Free Beers use a low protein English malt. An extended and carefully controlled brewing process then removes over 99% of the original gluten. At this point they have 20 – 35 milligrams per kilo, which qualifies as ”very low gluten content”. To be 100% certain that a coeliac customer can safely drink their beers with other low gluten products they add a tiny amount of a specialised clarifying protease to each fermentation. This breaks down the final 1% gluten to achieve the 5mg/kg or less (5ppm or less). Every batch is independently tested to confirm this.

Gluten free is clearly shown on the label of Foreign Export Stout.
Although it is not shown on the label, the brewery have confirmed that this beer is vegan friendly.

Shipped in the UK only to those who are 18 years or older.

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Gluten Level

5ppm or less


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