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Rok Soba Voyager IPA Alcohol Free
0.5% ABV


Vegan Low & No Alcohol Low & No Gluten
  • ABV:

  • ML:

  • Gluten Level:

    20ppm or less

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Voyager IPA from Rok Soba is a classic India Pale Ale. IPAs were originally brewed and exported from Britain to India in the 18th Century. The brew benefitted exceptionally from the conditions during the voyage creating its unique taste. Hold fast with the Rok Soba Voyager alcohol free IPA! Brewed with classic IPA hops for a wave of flavour and authentic taste.

Gluten free and vegan friendly are stated on the label.

Rok Soba was founded by brothers Lee and Shaun in December 2017, 3 years into their sobriety. Rok Soba is quite simply a brand that aims to inspire those who are on a similar path to being alcohol free.

Their mission is to change perceptions about sobriety. Just because you don’t drink, doesn’t mean you can’t rock sober! Revenues will assist Rok Soba’s long term goal of building an Inspiration Centre and introducing a Foundation to assist and re-skill recovering addicts.

Per 100ml



ABV Range

No (0% – 0.5%)




Gluten Free

Gluten Level

20ppm or less


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0.5% ABV”

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