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Small Beer Mixed Box x 10
1% ABV – 2.7% ABV


Vegan Low & No Calories Low & No Alcohol
  • ABV:

    1% - 2.7%
  • ML:

    350ml each

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Our Small Beer Mixed Box x 10 provides you with 2 of each of The Small Beer Brew Co’s amazing beers.

If you’d like to change the combination of Small Beers, just message us at and let us know what you’d like to change.

Each Small Beer Mixed Box contains 2 of 5 beers:

2 x Small Beer Session Pale – 2.5% ABV – 350ml
2 x Small Beer Lager – 2.1% – ABV 350ml
2 x Small Beer Steam – 2.7% ABV – 350ml
2 x Small Beer Dark Lager – 1% ABV – 440ml
2 x Small Beer IPA – 2.3% ABV – 350ml

Session Pale has fruity flavours with a balanced hop finish delivering a fresh citrus flavour with a juicy bitterness.
Lager is a pilsner-style lager with a continental bite, it is clean and crisp with a biscuity, citrus zing.
Steam bridges the gap between lager and an ale, with a rounded malty richness, and a rounded hop finish.
Dark Lager has an aroma of a stout or porter, but it drinks like a refreshing lager with a roasted finish.
IPA has a floral hop aroma, with a crisp biscuit-forward flavour and rich marmalade bitterness on the finish.

All are suitable for Vegans, all are low calorie, most are low carb:
(Per 100ml)
Session Pale – 24.3 Kcals, 3.6g Carbs
Lager – 21.1 Kcals, 1.9g Carbs
Steam – 25.1 Kcals, 2.4g
Dark Lager – 14 Kcals, 2.0g
IPA – 25 Kcals, 2.1g

Per 100ml


1% – 2.7%

ABV Range

Lowish (1.3% – 3%)


350ml each


Low (11Kcal – 38Kcal per 100ml)


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1% ABV – 2.7% ABV”

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